Digital Kangaroos School of Digital Marketing and Graphics Designing

The journey started with one woman, laptop and a dream.

In 2017, Sania Gupta (Founder Digital Kangaroos) noticed the growing momentum of digital marketing and web development in the business world and took hold by founding Digital Kangaroos- a web development and digital marketing agency.

With years of operations management, marketing and strategic planning backing her new venture, Digital Kangaroos gave voice and visibility to numerous local, national and international businesses on various online platforms.

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Her endless energy, aggressive approach and passion established Digital Kangaroos as one of the top-rated digital marketing and web development firms of North India. Over time, the agency grew exponentially and now has an in-house team of more than 12 digital marketing experts, SEO analysts, graphics professionals etc. Today, Digital Kangaroos is located in a modern, high-tech office space in Omaxe Royal Residency in Ludhiana.

The agency is also offering formal training and education to students, professionals, business owners and even homemakers in the field of Digital Marketing and Graphic Designing to help them establish a rewarding career in the digital world.

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The Team at DK School of Digital Marketing and Graphics Designing

At DK School, we are proud to have a highly innovative and cutting-edge team that stays on top of its game at all times. Our team members are highly certified professionals and expert marketers having enormous work experience under their belt. They keep attending the latest courses and industry conferences to ensure following the latest technologies and practices.

You will be working with a team of professionals whose expertise align with your goals – whether it’s learning SEO, graphics designing, web development, SMM or full-fledged digital marketing.

Wide Exposure and Live Training

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s no cookie-cutter formula for success. You need a strong understanding of the industry and develop strong strategy-building skills to drive the best results.

We have extensive experience in international digital campaign management. Our diverse client base across seven countries in the world is enough to provide you with ample exposure. Get versatile work experience by working on live projects for a better understanding and grasp of the concepts.

Transform your Business or Career with us

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DK School of Digital Marketing is perfect for small business owners, college students, professionals who want to make more money; budding enterprisers who want to learn the ABC of digital marketing and housewives who want to give a second chance to their career etc.

Learn the foundations of Digital Marketing and Graphics Designing with DK School.

Jump on the bandwagon today by enrolling yourself in one of the best digital marketing schools of Punjab and start earning right away.