Graphic Designing

Want to learn graphics designing in Ludhiana from the best graphic designing school near you?

Graphic Designing is one of the fastest-growing professions in today’s internet-driven world. But, there are not many qualified institutes available to meet and train the growing needs of the industry.

Digital Kangaroos School of Digital Marketing provides the best Graphics Designing Course in Ludhiana. We provide you a 100% job-oriented course that is designed as per the latest industry trends and demands. The course includes hands-on training on popular graphics tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator etc and offers a deeper level understanding of the UX/UI concepts.

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Everything about Graphics Designing Course

Graphics designing is more like an art with a purpose. It is a combination of images, symbols, words and creativity to solve a problem or achieve certain objectives. It is an aesthetic expression of concepts and ideas using graphic designing tools for visual communication. It is a prime technique used for brand building.

DK School of Digital Marketing trains the students on live projects and makes them understand the concepts in a more refined way. Our faculty comprises certified professionals and seasoned industry experts having a decade of experience under their belt.

Courses Included:

Basic Course:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Advanced Course:

  • Adobe after effects
  • Adobe premiere pro
  • Adobe audition

Benefits of Graphic Designing Course

All companies: small, start-up or large, take plenty of pain to create and emerge as brand they believe in. Digital marketing helps them in boosting brand awareness and achieving the desired visibility online. A good digital marketing strategy is incomplete without impressive and eye-catching graphics for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and other social media marketing strategies.

Career Opportunities

After undergoing a Graphics Designing course n Ludhiana, you can start working as a Graphic Designer, Instructional Artist, Logo Designer, Layout Artist, Image Editor, Web Designer, and Presentation Artist etc.

You can freelance your services to individual businesses or digital marketing firms across international borders as well. You may also start a YouTube channel and show your creativity to the world.

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Why Choose Us?

Digital Kangaroos School of Digital Marketing is one of the best graphics designing training schools in Ludhiana.  Be industry-ready by enrolling yourself in this job-oriented course.

Here is why this course is recognized as the best graphics designing course in Ludhiana.

  • You will get training from industry experts, certified professionals and expert insights from digital marketing pros.
  • Get 100% practical training and hands-on knowledge by working on live projects.
  • Increase your visualization and designing skills
  • Affordable and best-in-class training.
  • No examination, direct evaluation by working on live projects
  • Additional money-making tips from our experts.
  • Golden opportunity to get placed in Digital Kangaroos- the best digital marketing agency in North India.

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